Jet blast deflector

Jet blast deflector fence (shield, JBD) is a safety device that redirects the air stream from a jet engine upward to prevent any injury or damage that can be caused to people, buildings, aircraft, trees and other objects in the immediate vicinity of the airport.
Modern aircraft engine jet blast can overturn any mean of transport, flatten poorly made structures and is deadly to people. JBD must have adequate strength to withstand high temperatures (up to 400 °С) and jet blast high-speed air flow as well as dirt and debris carried by turbulent air.

Jet blast deflector fence mould

JBD consists of two major parts: an upper steel unit and a reinforced concrete slab bed with a smooth ascend (∠ 35 °). “M-Konstruktor” produces adjustable steel moulds for the production of JBD reinforced concrete slab beds.
The possibility to readjust steel moulds allows:
to mould slabs of 4500, 5500 and 6500 mm length by readjusting the deviding wall position
to change the position of inserts 
to produce slabs with a smooth ascend (∠ 35 °) and without it 
to change the slab width from 300 to 280 mm.
All this allows an opportunity to produce JBD reinforced concrete slab beds both for installation of the slab deep into the ground and for installation of the slab with a smooth ascend (∠ 35 °) on concrete or asphalt airfield blanket by using a single steel mould.
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