How do you choose the right type of a concrete vibrator?

Forming any reinforced concrete product involves the process of consolidation of the concrete mixture, which is carried out with the help of vibrators.
Vibration eliminates air bubbles from the concrete mixture, making concrete harder and less porous. And the most important thing is that the surface of the concrete product becomes smooth, containing no pores or cavities, and the product itself becomes denser and more solid.
Depending on the tasks, the type of products manufactured, and the technical equipment available, concrete plants use the 2 main types of vibrators:
  • Pervibrators
  • Surface vibrators
Pervibrators are immersed directly into the concrete mixture; they are easy to use and do not require much maintenance, but at the same time they are more labour-intensive.
Surface vibrators have a wide range of applications: they can be installed on the mould itself, as well as used to equip vibrating tables, vibrating platforms, vibrating screeds, beam moulds, etc., allowing a wide list of tasks to be performed as a whole.
There are several different types of surface vibrators: electric, pneumatic, mechanical and hydraulic ones, which also differ in the way they create vibrations and their source of energy, as well as in their power, frequency, durability and even the way of mounting to the equipment.
High-quality vibration and consolidation of the concrete mixture make up 30% of success in the production of high-quality reinforced concrete products.
M-Konstruktor works closely with one of the worldwide leaders in vibration technology, OLI (OLI Russia), offering vast range of products, allowing you to find the equipment suitable for various purposes and plant types.
As early as at the design stage, our engineers—together with OLI’s experts—will calculate the necessary number of vibrators and the required power, lay down the installation points and, depending on the technical capacities of your plant, recommend you the suitable types of equipment and a frequency vibrator control stand.
Choosing us, you get complete, ready-to-use equipment for the production of reinforced concrete and save both your time and your money.
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