The concrete bucket is ready for shipment

Concrete buckets are used at precast concrete plants for concrete pouring by crane without a concrete pump. This tank is a reliable mechanism for concrete feeding that has been tried and tested for years by concrete manufacturers.
A concrete bucket has conical shape, with its tip pointing down, so it reminds a Martini glass. A shape like this prevents concrete from sticking to the walls of a tank.
Concrete buckets are used for pouring concrete for foundations, intermediate slabs, formwork, into steel moulds, etc.
With the help of a concrete bucket, concrete can be fed either in batches or continuously.
A concrete bucket in the picture is designed for transferring and feeding concrete of various compositions in batches of 2 cubic meters.
It can be operated in moderate climate within the temperature range from –200 to +300С.
A concrete bucket consists of a tank, a clamshell gate, and a lever that controls the gate.
M-Konstruktor offers concrete buckets of various volumes and configurations. We will take all your technical needs into account!
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