Casting machine for production precast concrete supporting beams

Steel moulds

Support beams

Beams are used in construction almost everywhere. The beam is a product of a supporting structure supported by two ends. Support beams can differ in types of sections (bar, box-type, T-beam, L-beam, etc.). The strength characteristics of the beam are determined by its length, the area and shape of the section, the material of production and the method of attachment. Precast concrete beams are used in the construction of living and industrial buildings, airports, bridges. Reinforced concrete beams are rigidity (guaranteeing durability and strength), resistance to temperature changes, fire safety.

The reinforcement of the beams can be done with the use of tensioned or non-tensioned reinforcement, depending on the purpose of the product. The fabrication of precast concrete support beams is regulated by GOST 28737-90.

Steel moulds for production support beams without prestressing

“M-Konstruktor” Company produces casting machines for the production of precast concrete supporting beams without prestressing with segmented inserts, which allows, if necessary, to change the number and configuration of the produced beams. The casting machine is very versatile, since it allows the manufacturing of beams of different sections and lengths.

Steel moulds by “M-Konstruktor” is distinguished by qualitatively welded joints, strong sides. Complete products are easily removed from the moulds. Precast concrete supporting beams made in steel moulds “M-Konstruktor” do not require after-treatment processing and neatly look. The deviations of the finished product in accordance with the dimensions correspond to the standards of GOST. The sides of the steel moulds are recoiling, divided into parts of 3 and 6 meters. At the request of the customer, in order to mechanize the removal of formwork, the casting machine can be equipped with hydraulic cylinders.


The M-Konstruktor plant is manufacturing equipment for non-tensioned supporting poles with a segmented inserts allowing to adjust finished products quantity and configuration. This is very versatile machine allowing to fabricate poles of various length and cross-section.
High quality
The M-Konstruktor steel moulds boasts of perfectly welded joints and strong sides. Finished products are easy to extract from the mould. Fabricated using the M-Konstruktor steel moulds poles looking very neat and do not need finishing. The size deviations of finished products are within GOST requirements.
GOST compliance
The M-Konstruktor is manufacturing the supporting poles in accordance with GOST 28737-90.

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