Silicone prevents leaks

In the photo you see parting sides of the middle part of the vertical battery moulds. The sides are fastened into the mounting slots of the lower side and to the board on the top of the vertical battery moulds.
The thermal board (the battery mould) is intended to form surfaces of wall slabs. The vertical battery moulds contain 20 thermal boards. Each board is equipped with the side, which halves the board length (see the photo).
The parting side is 2,800 or 3,100 mm high and 120, 160 or 200 mm wide. One of the above-specified dimensions is assigned depending on required overall dimensions of the wall slab. The sides are provided with special silicone sealant, which prevents leak of concrete slurry leakage and ensures straight edges of the product.
Total of approx. 70 parting sides have been supplied.
Recall that within the contract the plant has been produced two vertical battery moulds for fabricating single-layer wall slabs having the maximum overall dimensions of 7,370 × 3,150 mm and a thickness of 120/160/200 mm. These vertical battery moulds are currently under commissioning.
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