The second life of a battery mould

Last week, several trucks left the premises of the M-Konstruktor plant one after another. The final stage of the tremendous work on the production of interchangeable division shields of the battery mould was the re-equipment of the already existing battery mould.
As you remember, battery moulds allow vertical moulding of single-layer wall panels thanks to the adherence of the concrete mixture to the forming surface of the steel mould, which gets ‘tired’ during operation, i.e. under the influence of friction, vibration, and temperature differences it receives micro damages, reducing its strength and leading to the deformation of the geometric dimensions of the shield and deviations from flatness.
The length of the new shields is 5,050 mm and their height is 3,180 mm each, which makes it possible to obtain products with maximum dimensions of 3,880 mm, 2,590 mm respectively. Using the division shield, it is possible to mould two panels at once on one surface with dimensions not exceeding 1,905 mm.
Inside the shields there is a heat register, which supplies thermal oil, and they also have three vibrators each. Thanks to the heating register, the concrete mixture is heated, and thanks to the vibrators, it is compacted. In order to ensure even compaction of the mixture, the arrangement of vibrators on the shields is implemented in two versions: one on top/two at the bottom, two on top/one at the bottom (the triangle layout), which alternate. The top and bottom vibrators work as belts, i.e. separately.
Division shields of the battery mould are equipped with rollers so they could be separated and reassembled by being moved on the rails.
In order to obtain perfectly flat products, the requirement for permissible flatness deviation of forming plates, which does not exceed 1 mm per 2 m, is observed. For this purpose, only high-grade steel is used, ensuring a long and trouble-free service life of the equipment.
M-Konstruktor guarantees proper and reliable operation of its equipment if the user follows the operating instructions.
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Battery moulds of European type 2021