Using concrete and reinforced concrete in construction

Most people think of concrete as something grey and hard, mostly used for building foundations and intermediate slabs. Actually, there are many kinds of concrete. They differ structurally, functionally, and visually.
No modern construction site can be imagined without concrete and reinforced concrete products.
The popularity of reinforced concrete is connected with the exceptional properties of its constituent materials when used together. Reinforced concrete is characterized by low production costs due to the use of local raw materials and applicability for any building structures.
These days a lot of attention is paid to the manufacturability and cost-effectiveness of building elements. Many new construction technologies are aimed at maximizing the use of all the positive qualities of reinforced concrete. Lightweight precast and cast-in-place slab systems deserve special attention of customers and private homebuilders.
The liquid concrete mixture and steel moulds by M-Konstruktor allow you to create structures of the most complex geometric shapes quickly, while ensuring their quality.
M-Konstruktor offers you the following products for building construction:
Versatile tilting tables: basic elements of the production complex of reinforced concrete plants. With the help of magnet shuttering profiles, which change the size and the shape of a product, a tilting table can be used to mould virtually all kinds of reinforced concrete products (non-prestressed or flat) for building construction, including non-standard projects.
Steel moulds for stairs. Stairs are widely used as the main element of reinforced concrete staircases in civil and industrial construction. We are ready to implement any project, both in accordance with GOST and your individual project drawings. 
Steel moulds for reinforced concrete columns. Reinforced concrete columns carry the weight of intermediate slabs as well as facade systems, which may be made of various materials, including three-layer concrete slabs.
Steel moulds for external wall panels. Wall three-layer reinforced concrete panels are designed to serve as external facade systems of both residential and public multi-storey buildings. They are basically monolithic sandwich panels consisting of external, internal, and medium (insulating) layers.
Finally, perhaps, the most technologically efficient equipment of all mentioned: battery moulds for the production of one-layer wall slabs. The heating, vibration and hydraulic systems help manufacture about two dozen products simultaneously, which makes the battery mould an indispensable link in a modern reinforced concrete plant. 
Steel moulds for Lego blocks. Lego blocks are, without exaggeration, the most popular building blocks in Europe. The advantages are obvious: they are made of concrete, do not require reinforcement, are equipped with groove-spike joint connections and thus do not require any masonry mortars, which allows you to quickly dismantle the building.
These products can be manufactured both at a precast concrete plant and right on a construction site, which speeds up the construction process significantly.
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