Vertical gang-molding units - a new height of the M-Konstruktor Plant

In 2021, the plant opened a new page in its history: it successfully mastered the production of the most technologically advanced and metal-intensive equipment of whatever was previously produced with the M-Konstruktor logo. This refers to vertical gang-molding units of various types of wall panels (with window, door openings) and void-free floor slabs.
By order of a major developer, the plant manufactured two units, each with 20 gang seats. The gang-molding unit is divided into sides L and R, while consisting of a stationary central part, row parts and side moving parts. It is possible to operate either the entire unit, or parts L-R separately. Taking into account that the total weight is 230 tons, and nearly 300 tons in the loaded state, a construction assignment was developed by the design department of the plant to match the foundation load. The delivery set includes a single service platform for two gang-molding units.
The driven side (moving) parts are equipped with power rods and a hydraulic cylinder, which tighten the entire gang when it is assembled. The movement along the guide rails is provided by servo drives. The operation with sections is carried out in turn. The movable part drives off on its own, while opening the first section and, when all the necessary operations are completed in it (preparation for molding or stripping), it closes; the same happens with the second, third, etc. The service distance between the sections is 1200 m, which allows for a quick readjustment, while being a key feature of this type of units.
Centralized control of hydraulics and steam curing systems is carried out from a panel in the central part of the gang-molding unit. Displayed on the touch panel is the information regarding the operating parameters of the L and R parts: pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, temperature of oil, section, the working position of the cylinders, etc. A vibration control cabinet is installed at the service platform.
With the maximum dimensions of the finished panels of 7 370 mm x 3 100 mm, it is possible to change not only the length dimensions, which is achieved through the installation of magnetic boards, but also the thickness of the product.
Re-adjustable bottom and side boards allow to mold items of 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 mm for the production of wall panels for houses of various series. The bottom board is also adjustable in height.
The molding of two items at once on one working surface is carried out by the means of installing vertical dividing boards, which are fixed into the mounting seats of the bottom board, and in the upper part - to the gang. They envisage a special silicone sealant to prevent leakage of the cement slurry and to form smooth edges of the product. The choice of material is determined by its heat resistance: the thermal oil temperature reaches 140-190°C.
Void formers are installed to form window and door openings.
Vibration and steam curing
To consolidate the concrete, five powerful mounted vibrators are installed inside each gang - three in the lower belt, two in the upper one. Belts operate separately, which does not allow the crushed stone to settle down the concrete product. Process windows are provided for their maintenance.
Specially for the gang-molding unit, software for controlling the steam curing mode was developed. Temperature sensors allow for the control of temperature at all stages of the concrete mix curing. Thanks to the new implemented solutions, the full steam curing cycle was reduced to 8 hours instead of traditional 12 hours.
Assessment and results
Completing stages of this project were the contract supervision and the commissioning of two gang-molding units by M-Konstruktor specialists, which was also a new experience. The plant was acting not only as a manufacturer of equipment, but also as an enhanced service provider and contractor, having completed the entire chain from the time of order to the release of the first concrete product. The best assessment of the work performed is the ongoing cooperation with the Customer.
Summing up, one can say that in 2021, M-Konstruktor confidently mastered the production of gang molding units of various calibers - compact and industrial, taking a new height for itself.
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