Meet our battery moulds for the production of fence slabs

What sets our plant apart from many others is the lack of flow in the equipment production. Once again we had to master the unknown, which we have successfully coped with, so we are now ready not only to talk about the novelty, but also to show it. We’ve made a promo video for you about the operation and functionality of two battery moulds manufactured as part of a single order.

These battery moulds are used for the production of fence slabs, and each mould allows you to manufacture 26 slabs of two standard sizes (but of different thickness) at the same time.
There is a bearing frame at the base of the battery mould, on which the shields are installed:
— a drive shield: a forming element of the first slab, which can be attached to hydraulic cylinders;
— sliding shields: the forming elements of the fence slabs, with hinged sides and adjustable bottom parts.
The movement of the cassettes, as well as the switching of vibrators, is carried out from the control panel, which is not included in the kit.
Looking at these seemingly identical pieces of equipment, we could say they are as alike as two peas in a pod. They do almost look the same. But if you look closely, you’ll notice the difference.
One battery mould is designed for the production of fence slabs with a pattern (a recess) defined by the customer. The other one has hexagonal-shaped chamfers on its edges.
The next difference is about the vibrators used: four high-frequency electromechanical vibrators versus two pneumatic ones. All of them are installed on the bearing frame. 
The output is a product of 2000 mm in length and 330 mm in width. The thickness can vary between 50 or 60 mm.
To ensure a long service life, we enclose a product data sheet with each product and strongly recommend reading it before the start-up.
Got any questions? Contact us at or call +7 (81153) 6-10-05. Watch our video now. 
2021 Battery moulds of European type