СЦ-25: the sky is not the limit

Just the other day the Progress-MS spacecraft was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome to reach ISS. And an object suspiciously looking like a spacecraft left the M-Konstruktor plant premises just about the same time. There is a body, a hatch, a ladder. If you look at the parameters, you get the following:
  • Capacity: 35 tonnes
  • Volume: 25 cubic meters
  • Diameter: 2,300 mm
  • Diameter of injection pipe: 81 mm
  • Weight: max. 4 tonnes
  • Height: 12,470 mm
  • Width: 3,494 mm
The figures, of course, are inferior to the Progress, and it's time to admit that they have nothing to do with the spacecraft. These are characteristics of a welded silo for cement storage, and no, it can't fly. But it fulfils its function 100%.
Let us remind you that silos are used at concrete or reinforced concrete plants, as well as large construction sites, where they ensure proper storage, easy loading and unloading of not only cement, but also other fine materials.
The body of the manufactured СЦсв-25 (numbers stand for volume) is a cylinder welded from rings. You can install cement level sensors inside the silo, for which connection sleeves are welded to the walls. At the bottom of the body, on the cone, there is a platform for the vibrator.
With the help of a support (four welded stands) the entire structure is installed on the prepared platform. A cement pipe is connected to the body to connect a hose from a cement truck. On the side surface of the body there is a ladder for climbing up to the hatch for maintenance of the silo and the cement level sensors.
The СЦсв-25 comes with a cement filter with a flange and an emergency valve with a mounting flange.
M-Konstruktor has been manufacturing such silos for quite a long time, but each new order makes the next product better than its predecessors. It is possible that very soon the resemblance to carrier rockets will not be limited to appearance only, and, therefore, the plant's products will be found in the vastness of the universe. Who knows?   
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