Expo-Russia Serbia 2018 is over

On March 16, 2018, V-Russian-Serbian industrial exhibition Expo-Russia Serbia 2018 was ended in Belgrade. The company “M-Konstruktor” took an active part in its working. The products of the company interested the visitors of the exhibition, business contacts were established with companies from Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Slovenia and other countries.
In Belgrade, with the support of the Pskov Regional Export Support Center, a big group of regional companies was exhibited. In addition to the "M-Constructor", in the Expo-Russia Serbia 2018 also participated LLC "Veltorf", SPRK "Kolkhoz Krasny Rybak", LLC "Technosvar KS", Modus KIDS (IE Dmitriev AA). Also at the stand of the region was the products of the companies "Stolbushinsky product" (IE Ozerov VA), LLC "Vodakom", LLC "Continent-Tour".
According to the representative of the Export Support Center of the Pskov region,
Participation in exhibition events of the international format is one of the most effective tools for promotion to foreign markets, finding new partners and expanding the geography of supplies.
The “M-Konstruktor” Company was awarded with the Diploma for participation in the 5th Russian-Serbian industrial exhibition Expo-Russia Serbia 2018 and the 5th International Belgrade Business Forum.
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