Our steel molds for the walls of your Dream House

Prefabricated building is one of the modern construction trends. Fiber-reinforced concrete modular houses fit the bill of this concept perfectly. Recently they became known as "movable realty". Why? Because technical building systems such as heating, ventilation, plumbing and electricity are embedded into the wall slabs at the stage of fabrication. This means that you can move such buildings into desired place although they are not light construction but a heavy solid house with great noise and thermal insulation.
For the wall slab fabrication with in-built technical systems you need an advanced robot production lines. One of such lines was launched in Kirzhach town, for which our plant, the M-Konstruktor, provided equipment allowing to mould wall slabs using fiber-reinforced concrete application method.
We delivered to our costumer 4 types of steel moulds for fabrication of floor, linear, external and internal corner slabs. They do not have bottom panels which can be replaced with decorative face elements or laminated plywood. Side height is adjustable and depends on the bed thickness. The cutter allows to control the slab heigh. Modularity means the variety of dimensions, so that wall slab thickness can be 1500mm and 1200mm. Therefore you can build a house with desirable square meters and budget.
Moulds are moving automatically (last 2 foto). The robot applicate the fiber reinforced concrete which provides firmness allowing to build up to 3 floors. After the fiber reinforced concrete application it lays insulation material (such as polystyrol or rockwool), and then the final fiber reinforced concrete layer. The layer is troweled to became the inner side of the wall slab.
If you planning to buy your modular Dream House - you would know that its wall are fabricated with the M-Konstruktor steel moulds.
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