High tension

Today we are going to tell you about a perforated beam for rebar tensioning, also known as an abutment.
These structures are one of the main elements in the production line for prestressed reinforced concrete beams (see our post on sliding sides at They are used for the tensioning of steel tendons (rebar) inside concrete products.
The prestressing of rebar prevents concrete products from cracking (under load, the stressed rebar is stretching the concrete itself) and reduces the amount of rebar required to achieve high strength of the product, which also has a positive effect on its service life.
To create prestressing, steel reinforcement tendons are pulled through the holes of the perforated abutment. The steel reinforcement tendons are then jacked up one by one, and the concrete mixture is poured in the mould. When the concrete fully consolidates, the tendons are slowly released. The steel tendons compress and affect the layers of the concrete mass, thereby increasing the tensile strength of the concrete product itself.
Abutments are chosen according to their prestressing force, depending on the products being manufactured. The small beams in the photo can withstand loads of up to 150 tonnes and the large ones withstand those of up to 1000 tonnes. The large number of holes in the beams makes it possible to pull tendons in various configurations and ensures the versatility of the product.
According to customers’ requests, M-Konstruktor manufactures perforated beams and production lines for prestressed products for various loads.
Abutments work together with a set of hinged sides. When assembled into a single production line, it is possible to get products with a length of up to 36 m.
*The picture of the concrete product belongs to our customer.
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