Poles steel moulds for reinforced concrete supports for high-voltage power lines

Today is the first time we mention this type of equipment!
Two moulds for cylindrical poles (22 m) for reinforced concrete supports for high-voltage power lines are about to be shipped to Belarus.
Steel moulds for the production of supports for high-voltage power lines are detachable and consist of two parts, the upper one and the bottom one, which are connected to each other with fixing bolts, and two pile caps.
Dimensions (length x diameter): 23060 x 950 mm. Dimensions of poles (length x diameter of a pole butt end x diameter of a pole tip): 22200 х 560 х 560 mm.
The Sts 22.1 (СЦ 22.1) pole itself is used for the installation of high voltage power lines or public transport overhead lines. It looks like a hollow reinforced concrete bar and is a reliable and high-quality support for overhead power lines or lighting lines.
The poles are manufactured using advanced heavy concrete centrifugation technology. The rigidity of the structure is ensured by a steel framework from prestressed rebar.
Pile caps used in the moulds are also used to tension steel tendons inside a concrete product. Once the rebar has been tensioned (total tension force is 200 tonnes), the bottom part of the mould is put in place and the concrete mixture is poured in. The upper part of the mould is then bolted to the bottom part and the centrifugation process begins; the mould rotates for 20 minutes at up to 400 rpm. The mould is then sent to the induction furnace for 8 hours.
When the product reaches its demoulding strength, the tension is gradually released and the mould is opened with a lifting beam by the lifting lugs and the finished support is removed out of the mould. The mould is then cleaned and lubricated and the cycle is repeated again.
The finished products must be highly frost resistant and waterproof and must be rated for crack resistance and compliance with the specified geometric dimensions.
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