Replenishment in the piggy bank of awards M-Konstruktor

2019 year is coming to a close. It was really busy and productive for the M-Konstruktor plant. There were a lot of advancement in this year: participation in Russian and International exhibitions, regional events, new markets entry, opening a representative office in France and etc.
And the culminates of this year is another victory: at the annual conference Vector of Entrepreneurship-2019, which was organized by the Fund for Guarantees and Support for Entrepreneurship of the Pskov Region, M-Konstruktor was awarded in the nomination «Successful development of new markets».

For the third time, M-Konstruktor has been praised by the Fund and recognized by the business community as a company who actively developing exportation. We are proud of such results, and the demanding of our goods in foreign markets and the contribution that we make to improving the economy of the Pskov region.
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