Products of the company M-Konstruktor was certified for the "Made in Russia" label

The plant M-Konstruktor completed the second stage of certification "Made in Russia" - Product Evaluation. Certification showed that the export products of our company meet the established requirements, and guarantees to any buyer or partner that our product is of high quality, safe and was actually produced in Russia. Now, in confirmation of the high quality of products, on exported steel moulds produced by the company M-Konstruktor, will be placed a "Made in Russia" label.
... We congratulate you on the successful completion of the second stage of certification "Made in Russia"!
We thank you for the attention that your company pays to the continuous development of the production base, work with personnel and building a business reputation. Successful results of this difficult and complex work allow to adequately represent Russian products on the international market.
The Made in Russia label increases the recognition of products in foreign markets, increases the level of trust from buyers, customers and partners. The presence of an independent assessment based on the verification of a number of indicators reduces risks when working with new partners and contractors, and makes sure that they are honest.
Russian Export Center (REC) JSC
The Made in Russia («Сделано в России») project was launched in 2017 and is carried out by the Russian Export Center (REC) JSC. Certification under this program is designed to help the best manufacturers of the Russian Federation enter international markets and give to foreign consumer a guarantee of safety and quality of products. Thanks to the strict rules of the "Made in Russia" Certification System, only high-quality, reliable and environmentally friendly products that meet high international standards can pass expert control.
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