Moulds for the production of water tables

According to the customer's assembly drawing, we have produced this unusual steel mould for the production of concrete tables used for rainwater harvesting during building construction.
It consists of:
  • a bearing frame;
  • a pallet;
  • detachable legs;
  • adjustable supports.
A bearing frame is a solid welded structure, which is load-bearing for all the other elements of the mould. The frame has rectangular holes to make it easier to grab and transfer the mould with a forklift later. A pallet is a forming element for the main surfaces of the product.
To ensure moulding of the table’s legs, the mould itself is equipped with legs of an unusual configuration—they are cylindrical, which makes the demoulding process easier.
The cylinders are made of a steel sheet and have a clamping/unclamping mechanism. When the finished concrete product is demoulded, the screws on the leg ribs are unscrewed and every cylinder is opened, changed in diameter.
Adjustable supports allow you to adjust the table’s legs height.
Forming pads for changing the table configuration are also included in the delivery package.
Dimensions: LxWxH 2110х2110х2145 mm.
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