Ready to ship!

We are about to ship a batch of PRG steel moulds to Gomel, a city in the wonderful country of Belarus. Double- and six-cavity PRG60 and PRG36 moulds are used for the casting of steel reinforced concrete products—cross-beams (purlins).
These products are placed horizontally. They connect vertical structural elements of a building together and serve as load-bearing structures for intermediate slabs and other elements. Purlins help stabilize a building, transferring the weight of horizontal structures onto the supporting vertical “skeleton” of the building.
This is why finished concrete cross-beams must be of excellent quality. And we do guarantee 100 % quality of our products to our partners!
These moulds are for the production of purlins with standard dimensions (3,580*120*300 mm and 5,980*200*500 mm (L*W*H)) and various load-bearing characteristics. These moulds are equipped with hinged sides, length cutters to readjust the product length, and fittings for embedded elements.