Steel mould for cross-beams

Let’s keep talking about the moulds we made for our partners in Novosibirsk. Today’s post is dedicated to cross-beams.
These reinforced concrete beams are used as joining elements of vertical structures. They stabilise and strengthen the structure as a whole. They carry the weight of floor slabs and other elements and distribute it evenly over the entire length, transferring the force to the vertical columns of the building. 
Max. dimensions of a finished reinforced concrete cross-beam made in this mould are 4430*450*160mm. At the customer’s request, however, we equip the mould with a length-cutter that allows you to manufacture products of various dimensions. The mould channel has openings for readjustment of a length-cutter. The length-cutter itself is bolted to the mould.
This mould allows production of 4 different types of beams: 2330/2710/3180/3400 * 450 *160 мм.
The mould has hinged sides.
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