Masters of the elements: M-Konstruktor designed steel moulds for fish pools

As we all know, there are four elements dominating our world: fire, earth, air, and water. At least two of them (earth and water) go well with our products. And we made one more step to becoming the masters of these elements just the other day. 
We have conquered seashores quite a long time ago. Tetrapods made in our steel moulds serve as a reliable protection from disastrous waves in many countries of Eurasia.
This time, we switched from the depth of the sea to a smooth surface of pool water: our clients reached out to us and ordered equipment for their fish farm. We accepted the challenge. Within the time specified in the contract, we manufactured and shipped a batch of steel moulds for the production of T-shaped and L-shaped plates or, simply put, our little fish. We gave them such an affectionate name during the production process. What about numbers and design?
According to the customer's requirements, the dimensions of the moulds are 3353x2449x1690 mm for T-plates and 3502x2437x1689 mm for L-plates (in length, height and width). Both types are about 3 tonnes each. At the base of the structure there is a one-piece pallet made of sheet steel and equipped with mounting seats for vibrators. The mould has longitudinal and end sides, as well as hinged sides at the top. All of them are rolling.
The longitudinal side is equipped with mounting seats for vibrators, as well as roller supports for moving along the guiding rails located on the pallet.
The top hinged sides are fixed and located on the pallet and the rolling side. The end sides are also fixed. They are designed to mould the groove-spike elements as well.
Each mould has four vibrators (with pneumatic equipment), two per side. The equipment also includes locks for securing the sides, guiding rails for longitudinal sides, and forcing screws.
Before pouring the concrete mixture in, the customer will only have to treat the forming surfaces with hydrophobic lubricant to ensure that demoulding is easy and comfortable.   
Thanks to such non-standard order, we are becoming the real masters of the elements and we are ready to turn practically any project into a steel product!
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