Steel moulds for the production of livestock cubicles for farms

The video shows the equipment designed for the moulding of non-standard concrete products that are used as flooring in cattle pens. They are used as an alternative to self-levelling flooring: it’s more cost-efficient and quicker to install.
The mechanically adjustable mould​ enables the manufacturing of products of different lengths, widths, and even heights, as well as the moulding of protruding elements. One of the end sides is removable, which enables easier demoulding, and the other one is movable, allowing the product to be adjusted to different lengths.
The movable side is screwed to a structural channel, which has holes at the intervals of 100 mm, so that the product could be moulded with a 10 cm difference in length. The maximum length of the concrete product is 6 m. The width of the manufactured product can also be adjusted from 1.5 to 3.3 m.
This is achieved by sliding the longitudinal side on special guiding rails. Once the sides have been adjusted to the required length and width, a sheet of laminated plywood is inserted between them and placed on special supports to serve as the base of the mould.
To prevent concrete slurry leakage, the mould end sides are fitted with rubber gaskets. The elements on the longitudinal sides designed for forming the protrusions also slide on the guiding rails, thus adjusting the protrusion size and simplifying the demoulding process. The maximum width of the protrusion is 150 mm.