An integrated supply for KPD Gazstroi is completed

Over the last year, we published numerous posts on components for battery moulds and the moulds themselves that we were sending to Novosibirsk via cargo trains.
Today, the final batch of the moulds for wall panels for our wonderful customer KDP Gazstroi, the leader of construction industry in Novosibirsk region, is finally ready.
Together we have done a lot of work, which started back in the autumn of 2019:
– Replacement of the moulding surfaces of 7 battery moulds (in which hollow-free intermediate slabs and interior partition walls are already being cast) has been carried out;
– New set of sides for the battery moulds have been supplied;
– More than 150 moulds have been designed, manufactured and put into operation: moulds for exterior and interior wall panels, balcony slabs, stairs and landings, ventilation units, elevator shafts and more.
The upgrade of the moulding equipment fleet and modernization of battery moulds has allowed our partner KPD Gazstroi to launch the construction of a new series of 18-store panel houses (see picture).
New houses mean new heights, new speed and better quality of live!
We are happy to collaborate with the Novosibirsk residential construction industry leader!
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