Operation of a concrete pipe turner in time-lapse

M-Konstruktor manufactures not only steel moulds but also additional equipment for reinforced concrete plants. Today we are going to show you a time-lapse video demonstrating the operation of a concrete pipe turner, which purpose is to change the position of a finished concrete product. 
We need to use the turner because concrete pipes are moulded in a position that makes their subsequent installation difficult. The pipes are pretty heavy and large-sized, so using the turner turns out to be the only way to do this safely and without any risk of damage.
This order was carried out in accordance with individual technical specifications. This turner can withstand a load of up to 10 tonnes. The min. height of a pipe is 1400mm, and the max. height is 2950mm. 
Turning is performed by 180 degrees with an intermediate step of 90 degrees. One of the overturning carriages is movable in horizontal position too, which allows you to adjust the height of reinforced concrete products. The concrete product is securely fixed by special side limiting elements.
Equipment package also includes a hydraulic station and a control stand for controlling the turner.