One more mould for concrete rings of cable manholes has been manufactured and sent to our customer

It is impossible to put a new building into operation without electrical and communication systems, which are hidden underground. Quite often, at the stage of laying the utilities a difficult question of choosing solutions for their effective operation emerges. And it's not so much about a great variety of models (if we are talking about concrete rings of cable manholes, for example), rather than preferences for the material from which they are made.
Traditional reinforced concrete is now competing with plastics, which divided the consumers into two groups: the skeptics and the fans, which prefer different solutions. There are advantages and disadvantages for any of the options, but for us the advantages of reinforced concrete are becoming more and more obvious with each new contract for the production of steel moulds for concrete rings of cable manholes. Just the other day we closed another one: the KKS-2 mould was shipped from the plant to the customer.
The product with a total weight of 1995 kg consists of two parts: the bottom one and the top one, where the entrance hatch is subsequently mounted. Openings are formed with the help of core drivers. The sides are hinged (which simplifies demoulding) and can be removed by special lifting lugs located on the back side. The dimensions of every element moulded are 1030х1260х680 mm (LxHxW). The steel mould is manufactured in accordance with the GOST 25781-83 standard and formwork drawings.
Thus, our regular customer has chosen the strength of reinforced concrete, the convenience of cable arrangement, virtually unlimited service life, and a reliable manufacturer of steel moulds represented by the M-Konstruktor plant.
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