M-Konstruktor company at the opening ceremony of the ARMY-2018 competition

The official opening ceremony of the international competition of airborne units "Landing platoon-2018", which is included in the program of international army games "ARMY-2018”, was held on Saturday, July 28, in Pskov on the training grounds "Zavelichie".
Within the frames of this event, there was an exhibition of the leading industrial enterprises of the Pskov region; the list of participants included such companies as “M-Konstruktor”, “ZETO”, “PolyComposite”, “Slavyanka”, “Pskov-Polymer”, “EcoCabel”, “Nor-Maali”, as well as a special industrial production economic zone "Moglino".
In addition to the traditional stand with 3D models of the produced steel moulds for precast concrete, “M-Konstruktor” company presented the samples of finished products – steel moulds for concrete tetrapods T-1.5, T-3 and T-5; for illustration purposes, a concrete tetrapod T-3 was placed next to it. These concrete elements used for river bank protection.
The exposition of “M-Konstruktor” aroused great interest among the visitors of all ages - they studied the products with interest, asked questions about the plant and the open job positions. Also of interest the stand was for the military men from the 76th Guards Airborne Assault Division and their foreign counterparts from the participating teams.
The stand of “M-Konstruktor” company was attended by the Head of the Administrative Office of the Regional Administration, Denis Rafisovich Gulyaev. Commercial director of “M-Konstructor” Artem Valeryevich Bagnyuk told the guest about the products, the current situation at the plant and the plans of the enterprise development. In his turn, Denis Rafisovich thanked the company "M-Konstruktor" for participating in the exhibition and wished success in achieving the goals.
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