Release agents for moulds and formwork: the right choice ensures the longer service life

When we say that our moulds can withstand up to 1,000 pouring cycles, it’s not a marketing gimmick.
If you use our moulds properly, ensure maintenance is provided timely, and use quality release agents, they will serve you for years.
 And today we’re going to tell you about release agents.
 Release agents for steel moulds used during the concrete products moulding process do all of the following:
  1. Ensure easier demoulding of concrete products
  2. Ensure high quality of the product’s surface by reducing defects (tears, peeling, pores, cavities, etc.)
  3. Protect the mould against corrosion
  4. Reduce labour costs for subsequent cleaning of the formwork
 High-quality release agent must remove pieces of old concrete eliminating the need for mechanical cleaning of the moulds, which, if applied regularly, deteriorates the quality and shortens the service life of the moulding equipment.
 It must have no impact on concrete; it must leave no oil stains on the surface of products and must not reduce the strength of concrete in contact layers.
High-quality release agents do not contain any volatile substances harmful to human; they are firesafe and can be used in any way accepted in production.
 We recommend our customers proven manufacturers of release agents that not only guarantee the high quality of finished concrete products but also maintain the technological properties of the mould itself, extending its service life.
 Obereg Trading and Industrial Company is our service partner, who provides our customers with release agents.
Moulds by M-Konstruktor lubricated with Obereg’s release agents ensure the high-quality of your finished concrete products.