Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

2021 is coming to an end that means it's time to make wishes. We believe that they will be fulfilled. Right now we will tell you a story that has begun a year ago.

With the midnight striking of the bell, we wrote down everything that was most intimate for us on a piece of paper, burned it, and threw the ashes into a glass of champagne that was drunk later. At present we can tell you what was written there.

We really wanted to complete renovation of the oversized products assembly shop and the office premises located in it. We did even better when it comes to the sign that is placed on the building.
We really wanted to move even further in the implementation of our concepts, including the high-tech metal works. And lo and behold, new machines were installed in the shops! The quality of molds determines precision and quality of the parts.
We really wanted to master new competencies. As a result, we not only made the first cartridge-type installations for the production of single-layer wall panels with a comprehensive I&C solution, but also completed the contract supervision and commissioning works.
And finally, we wanted really bad to start new pages of cooperation. We participated in the exhibitions, shot the promotional videos, developed the advertising campaigns and... it worked! Perhaps you are also among our new partners.

In turn, we would like to thank you for credence given to us! We hope that it will be continued, and if this has not happened yet, it will definitely commence in the upcoming 2022!

We wish you a wonderful New Year and Christmas, bright emotions, faith in yourself and in miracles that will certainly happen!

PS: Do not forget to write down your wishes during the festive battle of the bells, burn a piece of paper and drink champagne down. It works for us;)
See you in the new year 2022!
2021 Congratulations