M-Konstruktor passed the qualification round of the All-Russian Industrial Tourism Accelerator as part of the Pskov region team

Enterprises of Pskov region submitted an application to the All-Russian Industrial Tourism Accelerator as a single team and became its qualification round winners. Pskov region was 1 of the 30 subjects of the Russian Federation that actively responded to the call of the All-Russian Accelerator of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).
M-Konstruktor, the manufacturer of steel moulds for the production of reinforced concrete products from Velikiye Luki, became one of the six enterprises of Pskov region that submitted their application for participation in the program.
Following international trends, Russia is entering the new stage of its economic development—the experience economy stage, where openness plays the key role. However, there is nothing new under the sun. Back in Soviet times, there were well-known tours, made up of visits to plants representing a particular industry. So you could visit several weaving mills, mining enterprises or, for example, metal-working plants—plant by plant, one after another. Today, these forgotten formats are returning, newly interpreted.
Contemporary industrial tourism is a complex interaction of the state, business, potential customers, investors, media, etc., representing a serious marketing lever that can quickly launch a communication process in the business community. 
Currently, ASI is providing a series of introductory and training sessions online, explaining all the opportunities emerging in this area. 
The participants that passed the first stage are going to design a development strategy and route maps for their premises. The best ones will be promoted by major tour operators both to Russian and international visitors. The winners will be selected at the end of the year.
For M-Konstruktor, industrial tourism is a great opportunity to share their experience, results, and vision for the establishment of the production process, as well as to attract new employees. This is why their target audience is represented by younger and older students and business groups.
Now the plant is working on the route and technical means to ensure maximum immersion of potential tourists in the process of creating steel moulds and complex equipment for reinforced concrete manufacturers.
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