Solid cross-section foundation blocks free from complications but with an addition

We can't call our recent projects simple: each of them along with the metal had an additional options such as vibration, heating register or hydraulics. Such trend was interrupted by an order from Moldova for solid cross-section foundation blocks. Being the most popular and reliable solution for foundations, such blocks can be fabricated using the moulds of a very simple design. Nevertheless, our solution had its own highlight such as the cutter.
This project included moulds of two types with different block heights of 300 and 400 mm. Other dimensions are same: the length of 2380 mm and the width of 780 mm. The moulds are two-slotted and allows to adjust the length of a finished product. This is possible due to the cutters with a design allowing easy installation and removal. 
For the rest the solid cross-section foundation blocks mould have same four hinged sides, a spacer, locks for the sides moulding position, and the upper brace rod allowing to establish the moulding size. For the demoulding It is recommended to use special stops at the back of sides.
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2022 Foundation wall block steel moulds