Ten-slotted Fan for road kerbs have been delivered to customer!

When this steel mould is closed, there are no signs of its similarity to popular detail of lady costume of the past. But when the sides are open, the mould reminds fan very well.
Such design is common for the kerb moulds and the only difference is the number of slots and dimensions of the finished product. In this case it is possible to fabricate simultaneously 10 sections with dimensions of 1000Х300Х180 mm.
Every slot of such metal Fan have hinges, except four external sides. This provides independence of slots and easy demoulding. Perfect working surfaces allows to fabricate kerbs of high quality and ready for installation. The mould weighting little over 1200 kilos is already delivered to customer.
Fan type steel moulds are easy to use, fast to assemble or disassemble and are having a high capacity.
Our plant is able to manufacture similar steel moulds in different dimensions with number of moulding slots required to customer. You can ask your questions and get a guidance via email or phone 8(81153)6-10-05
2022 Road kerbs steel moulds