Pipe lids are necessary, pipe lids are essential

We have told over and over about the units intended to mould close-bottom and open-bottom concrete pipes used in utility laying. If these pipes are installed vertically, their efficient functioning is not conceivable without using lids, which perform multiple duties, the primary being ensuring protection. In the present case, the issue is a construction site at which the pipes make up a storm water filtration system. Therefore, the lids shall be strength members to withstand pressure produced by heavy vehicles. Steel moulds for fabricating the pipes have been produced and shipped to the customer.
The supplied moulds are identical in design but different in overall dimensions and area of the hatch (middle or offset location, which is governed by ease of maintenance). 
Each mould consists of a pan, which is a steel integral bearing element equipped with a load gripper, a fixed side installed on the pan floor and closed sides linked to the fixed side using hinges (movable joint) and to each other with the help of a latch (separable joint). The internal former is installed on the pan and the cowl safeguards the pan against concrete mixture ingress into it.
During demoulding, the cowl is removed and the clamps that fix the internal former are screwed off. By unscrewing the nut, the internal former is first shifted and then removed from the concrete product using slings attached to special lifting lugs. The latches that link the sides together are released by unscrewing upon which the sides are opened and the product is removed from the mould. If all specified filling procedures are followed, the finished lid is perfectly plane and ready for use.
The lid being seemingly a minor component at the level of terminology is, when combined with the pipe, the practically important and inherent element of the integral structure, which is capable of performing the assigned duties.
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