Concrete rings of cable manholes and moulds for their production

Concrete rings of cable manholes are used to ensure the efficient operation of telecommunication and electrical networks. They can be used for the following tasks: easy and convenient access to communications; facilitating the repair and maintenance of equipment; no excavation work required; equipment storage.
Concrete rings of cable manholes are installed underground. On the surface, there are manholes indicating their location.
Concrete rings of cable manholes are produced with the help of versatile steel moulds with detachable core drivers for making manholes, or moulds consisting of two parts—a bottom one and a top one.
M-Konstruktor offers its customers various equipment for the production of concrete rings of cable manholes.
For this particular order, we manufactured a demountable mould with detachable elements. The top and the bottom parts have the same shape, with the top part being equipped with a core driver for making a manhole with the diameter of 600 mm. Each part has the following dimensions: LxWxH 1644х1470х1076мм mm.
This mould allows you to produce cable wells with or without towers.
Concrete rings of cable manholes are moulded in two steps. First, the bottom part is cast. Then, after it gained its demoulding strength, the top part is poured in.
All sides of the mould are hinged, which makes the demoulding of finished products easier.