End wall steel moulds for farms

Our Belgian partners have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of precast steel-reinforced concrete products used in animal husbandry for the equipment of farms. And we, in turn, deliver them moulds and equipment for the production of such concrete products.
Besides a lot of different moulds for livestock flooring, M-Konstruktor also manufactures steel moulds for barriers and end walls for cowshed cubicles.
Steel moulds for end walls shown in the picture come with 9 filling pieces for moulding of concrete products of different length—from 2,200 to 3,000 mm—with a step of 100 mm. You can also rotate a handwheel to mechanically adjust a mould to change products’ dimensions and height.
A special bevelled filling piece included in the delivery package helps create a chamfer on an end wall. A chamfer (a bevelled edge of a wall) provides an excellent overview of the livestock.
We designed and manufactured moulds for the production of left- and right-hand concrete end walls for farms according to the request of our customer.
Should you need a non-standard mould for the production of steel-reinforced concrete products, you can rely on M-Konstruktor. We will solve any problem!