Steel moulds for hydro-green track plates

Our portfolio includes one more unusual mould, which our European partners use for the production of hydro-green track plates. These are concrete plates with a lot of round holes.
Hydro-green track plates are mainly used for surfacing pastures, but you can also use them in other areas, for example as decorative 'green paths'. The holes in the concrete plate allow grass to grow through it, and the soil gets all the water it needs.
Now, let’s talk about the mould. Dimensions: LxWxH 2086х1286х434 mm
The mould’s sides are not hinged. During the moulding process, high density concrete is used. When the concrete mixture compaction process is completed, the product is immediately demoulded and is left to gain its strength outside the mould.
Conical shaped rubbers, which change the hole geometry and make demoulding easier, are installed under the core drivers.
The mould is equipped with two special beams for attachment to the vibration table.
Additional forming pads are used to change the product’s dimensions.
To find out how these products are used, please see the pictures in the gallery.
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