Your terrain is uneven? Our moulding equipment for retaining walls will help you

When the area has complex terrain, and large soil slope angles can cause slippage, retaining walls are built around it. Such structures can also serve for decorative purposes. Equipment by M-Konstruktor allows you to mould concrete retaining walls. 
The bottom part of the mould consists of a pallet with removable guiding rails attached to it for rolling back the mould's sides during demoulding. These are used as forming elements on the sides. The top hinged core driver serves as the forming element for the central H-shaped groove. Stationary core drivers also serve as forming elements. Operating surfaces are treated with release agents before pouring. 
During the removal of the finished product, the ties and the locks are removed, and then by rotating the lever shaft end sides and longitudinal sides, equipped with mounting seats for OLI MVE 1200/3 vibrators, are rolled back.
The dimensions of the finished product are1800x2030x3675 mm (LxWxH).
The steel construction is equipped with a special service platform with a ladder, a removable and demountable element, which ensures the convenience of the moulding process.
M-Konstruktor has all the resources required to deliver some of the most non-standard projects. We can ship our equipment to any destination around the world.
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