Trays are going to the assembly line

"Off we go!" The batch of trays left the plant to be delivered to Vladivostok with a lot of work ahead of them. Very soon reinforced concrete products made with they help will be used for sewage channels and tunnels arrangement. Such structures are used for wastewaters and rainwaters drainage, laying of communications and heating lines within Russia's Far East climatic conditions.
Four standard sizes differing in height and width but with the same length have very simple design. All sides can be opened. The four lateral sides are equipped with the hole formers to make holes in the finished products before they moving after moulding. The sides also have places for the hole formers and the screed holders which prevents sides deformation and can be taken off when demoulding.
The outer pans are U-shaped. When concrete is setting, the are removing and flipping for subsequent installation and connecting with similar pans to form the trays or tunnels. You can be sure that manufacturing of trays on Vladivostok very soon would be put into the assembly line.
And we still working at the Northwest of Russia and providing the feedback via email or by phone +78115361005
2022 Steel moulds for Water Channels