Moulds for utility shafts

According to our customer's drawings, the design department of our plant has developed steel moulds for the production of reinforced concrete shafts. These products are used in modular housing construction to lay the necessary utilities: sewer, gas, and water pipes, cable ducts, etc.
The inner surface of such a shaft has a tile-like corrugation, which is designed for punching the holes in the shaft and connecting it to the duct.
There are two types of moulds for the production of shafts of two standard sizes: 600х500х3450 and 1200х500х3450 (WхHхL). They are U-shaped and equipped with core drivers, as well as demoulding mechanisms and vibration dampers.
Rubber gaskets are installed on the end sides of the moulds to prevent concrete slurry leakage. To ensure that the concrete reaches its maximum strength, four 3-phase surface vibrators are installed around the perimeter of each mould. Lifting lugs made from rebar are also installed around the perimeter of each mould during pouring to make transportation easier. 
The top and bottom parts of the mould are fitted with special tie rods to hold it securely in place. During the demoulding process, the tie rods are removed, and the longitudinal sides of the mould slide back with the help of guiding rails. A manual demoulding mechanism is actuated, which lowers the inner sides downwards, releasing the finished shaft.
The walls of the product turn out smooth and don’t require any additional finishing.
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