Mould Twins have been delivered to Kaliningrad

The reinforced concrete hatch covers and bottoms are invariable auxiliary elements for any manhole arrangement. They are needed to start and to finish manhole rings installation.
Steel moulds delivered to Kaliningrad can be used to fabricate both of them. Such versatility is due finished reinforced concrete products are closed.
The moulds have two standard sizes and similar design but different weights and dimensions. The moulds have a pan, a fold that serves to form a cavity within the products, and brace rods to fix the shuttering size. The 360-degree reinforcing ribs helps to provide strength for the whole mould.
When moulding, the inner moulding ring is taking of. Then, after the reinforcement is layed, the ring is setting back to its place. Then goes the filling after which mould is moving into the steam chamber. Upon achieving demoulding strength, the demoulding starts.
These Twins are already delivered although today it takes much more time then before sanctions.