ONE mould, several sizes

Is it possible? Sure!
We at the M-Konstruktor plant have designed and manufactured left- and right-hand moulds for sow walls for our partners in Europe.
The steel mould enables casting of products of up to 10 standard sizes in 50 mm increments lengthwise and up to 35 standard sizes in 10 mm increments heightwise. The height of finished products can vary from 1,300 to 1,650 mm due to the operation of the mechanical drive of the lifting mechanism of the bottom pallet element.
The end side of the mould is demountable. It is assembled from 9 elements different in width. This design makes it possible to mould the product of the required length by combining the required elements.
The frontal side is a rolling one. It is the forming element of the back wall and one of the surfaces of the product’s foot. The frontal side is mounted on sliding rollers and slides on the pallet’s guiding rails. It also has sleeves and holes through which it is secured to the pallet.
The guiding rails on which the frontal side slides are removable so that the mould fits within the dimensions during transportation.
All sides of the mould are equipped with rubber gaskets preventing concrete slurry leakage. A special bevelled magnetic filling piece is also included in the delivery package. It is used to create a chamfer on a concrete product’s edge.
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