Long-life surface vibrators

Long-life surface vibrators are designed for utilization in conditions requiring longer operating life (the
operating life of classic vibrators is 700 to 900 engine hours; for new series vibrators, the operating
life is 5,000 engine hours) and adjustable, high-frequency vibration. The surface vibrators of this
series can operate at frequencies up to 100 Hz; the vibrators must be installed at an angle to the
horizontal plane or vertically.

Cost of production and delivery

If you want to get information concerning the production cost of the moulds and its production time, please to contact our specialists by phone: +7 (81153) 6-10-05 or e-mail: info@m-konstruktor.ru.

Delivery is available throughout the territory of European Union and Eurasian Union countries and other countries. Shipment is available in different ways: by railroad, by heavy trucks, by sea.