High-frequency vibrators

High-frequency surface vibrators are used for consolidation of concrete mixtures and ground,
facilitation of bulk materials transportation during unloading and screening, driving of vibration
feeders, vibration tables, and other types of operation, including mini brick-making machines. A high-
frequency vibrator is a three-phase asynchronous electric motor with short-circuit rotor with eccentric
weights mounted at both ends of the shaft, which produce driving force. The eccentric weights
mounted at both ends of the shaft are made double so as to adjust the magnitude of the driving
force. The change in vibration frequency is achieved by changing the angle between the movable
and fixed eccentric weights at both ends of the shaft. These vibrators should be used with an
adjustable electronic frequency converter, which allows powering of the vibrator with a current
frequency of 100 Hz and 200 Hz.

Cost of production and delivery

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