Control cabinets

Motor control cabinets (MCC) for electromechanical vibrators mounted at vibration tables and plates
help adjust the vibrators’ operating frequency and control the general operation of the vibrating
The simplest solution can only turn equipment on and off. More complex solutions can control and
track any vibrating equipment operating parameters.
MCC advantages:
- smooth start;
- limitation of starting currents protects the vibrators from turn-on failure;
- when the equipment is turned on, there is no mechanical shock, which ensures the mechanical integrity of a vibration table/plate;
- adjustment of the vibration frequency allows adapting the vibration processing frequency to
the concrete frequency response and the geometry of a concrete product, which, in turn,
helps achieve smoother surfaces (which do not require additional plastering), reduce the
vibration time of a single product, maintain the mixture’s homogeneity, and reduce cement
- possibility to consolidate rigid concrete mixtures;
DC injection braking allows vibrators to stop immediately. During the turning-off of the
vibrators, the equipment does not pass the resonance zone, where the damage to the
concrete product and destruction thereof may occur.
Frequency converter capacity, kW
Frequency converter rated current, A
Dimensions, mm
Degree of protection: IP31; Supply voltage: 1 x 220 V, 50 Hz

Cost of production and delivery

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